The basics of ECG interpretation

Welcome to a video series on basic ECG interpretation. This series was designed for the pre-operative nursing team at the Royal Berkshire Hospital, but you may find each component useful if you are new to ECGs.

Part 1: What is an ECG?

Part 2: Rate, rhythm and axis

What is an ECG, what each part of the trace represents
How to calculate the rate, and identify the rhythm and axis of the ECG

Part 3: ECG interpretation and practical tips

Part 4: Atrial arrhythmias

How to interpret an ECG and tips on what to do if you find something wrong and what to say on the phone
Supraventricular tachycardias – atrial fibrillation, flutter, sinus tachycardias, AVRT, AVNRT, pacemakers

Part 5: Bradycardias and heart block

Part 6: Myocardial ischaemia and other common problems

Sinus bradycardia, first, second and third degree heart block
Acute coronary syndromes (STEMI/NSTEMI/unstable angina), LVH, ectopics, bundle branch blocks

Slides for the whole teaching session

(view only, because I don’t own the images in the slides)

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