Webinar 4: Basic Circulation

Basic Circulation

Basic ICU webinar on circulation by Dr Angie Lee, Dr Naresh Rughooputh (anaesthetics SpRs), Dr Aidan Kingwill (senior fellow in ICM and anaesthesia) and Dr Simon Raby (consultant intensivist and anaesthetist). The webinar ran on Monday 20th April 2020. We covered the following topics (time in brackets below):

– CVS monitoring (1:50)
– Arterial lines (3:41)
– Central lines (11:53) – NB at 12:27, we meant 14G is an orange cannula! Grey is 16G.
– Cardiac output monitoring (16:39)
– Echocardiography (18:13)
– Fluid balance (20:44)
– Fluids (27:00) – NB at 27:44 we meant ‘Crystalloids are less associated with allergic reactions etc)
– Vasopressors and inotropes (30:09)
– Q&A with Dr Kingwill and Dr Raby (39:35)

Q&As answered

None yet! 🙂