Useful videos

very basic Physics of ultrasound
Another basic physics of ultrasound
physics of ultrasound (1)
Covers: Sound as a wave, properties of sound as it moves through media
Physics of ultrasound (2)
Covers: Amplitude, acoustic impedance, reflection
Physics of ultrasound (3)
Covers: Reflection and refraction, scattering
Physics of ultrasound (4)
Covers: Attenuation and questions
doppler physics (1)
Doppler physics (2)
Doppler physics (3)
Covers: Attenuation and questions
introduction to tte
bse ultrasound physics
BSE ventricular size and function
Focused echocardiography
BSE Doppler
BSE ventricular size and function

Useful websites

Focused intensive care ultrasound (FUSIC) – previously known as Focused intensive care echocardiography (FICE) and Core Ultrasound in Intensive Care (CUSIC)
Transoesophageal echocardiography
Ultrasound in regional anaesthesia
  • NYSORA do a series of ultrasound tools and videos available here via their youtube channel
  • RA-UK also do a series of ultrasound videos here
  • Sonosite have an app, which is pretty awesome!
  • Check out our regional anaesthesia page for more resources.
Ultrasound in obstetric anaesthesia
  • Ultrasound is becoming a new skill for neuraxial procedures, and NYSORA has done a very comprehensive explanation on structures etc in this video.
  • The OAA run a course on obstetric anaesthesia ultrasound
Ultrasound in anaesthetics and icu

Ultrasound is used in a variety of modalities in anaesthesia and intensive care. Here are some useful links to resources for those interested.