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The RIACT course aims to facilitate Anaesthetic and Acute Care Common Stem (ACCS) trainees attain the initial assessment of competency (IAC) in anaesthesia. This six day release course runs over 3 months and is available to new anaesthetic and ACCS core trainees within the School. The course was set up by Dr Andrew Skog (consultant anaesthetist in Royal Berkshire Hospital) and Dr Prad Shanmuga (consultant anaesthetist and intensivist at Stoke Mandeville Hospital) and they were the primary developers of most of the course materials seen on this page. The current Riact leads are Dr Vicki Edwards and Dr Stephen Cole, anaesthetic registrars in Oxford Deanery. The following information has been provided with their kind permission.

Please contact theriactcourse@gmail.com if you have any questions about RIACT or the content below. Please do not use the slides externally without the authors’ permission.


Risks and checklists by Riact team

Human factors by Riact team

Perioperative medicine by Dr Vicki Edwards

Ventilation by Riact team

Post operative oxygenation by Riact team

Spinal anaesthesia for beginners by Riact team

Waking up by Riact team

Post operative pain by Riact team

Post operative care by Dr Stephen Cole

Post operative nausea and vomiting by Riact team