Regional anaesthesia

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BJA education articles
Recent guidelines, key websites, useful apps and books!

BJA education articles

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Last 5 years of BJA Ed/ATOTW Articles (A-Z)

General principles and complications
Head and neck (and chest)
Upper limb
Lower limb

Recent guidelines or key articles

Key guidelines:

AAGBI Management of LA toxicity 2 page guideline with everything you need!

AAGBI Regional anaesthesia in patients with abnormal coagulation

Key websites:

Useful apps/books:

Sonosite have produced some useful videos and an app!

The RA-UK have produced a Pocket Guide to Ultrasound Guided Regional Anaesthesia which is really useful. This is the link to it on Amazon. We will procure it for the trainee library soon.

The RA-UK also have a very good Youtube Channel for that quick pre-list revision in the coffee room!