Webinar 1: Basic Critical Care

Basic Critical Care

The webinar ran on Thursday 2/4/20. We covered the following topics (time in brackets below):

– What does ICU do? (04:05)
– What am I expected to do in ICU? (09:05)
– A daily review in critical care (10:33)
– An overview of our emergency guidelines and how and when to use them (28:11)
– The three main ICUs in OUH and layout of a bedspace (33:59)
– Equipment that you might encounter in ICU that you may never have seen before (35:56)
– Q&A with Dr Simon Raby, consultant neurointensivist and anaesthetist and Dr Naresh Rughooputh, ST6 anaesthetics (46:19)

Q&As answered

Q: Any useful links to articles for us to look at?
A: Please see our document library here and you’ll find lots to interest you!