Peri-operative medicine: Caring for patients with mental health problems in an acute setting

Mental health is an integral part of our wellbeing. Many of us will encounter patients with mental health problems in different parts of the hospital. With the help of our colleagues in psychiatry, we have developed a series of useful videos that might help acute practitioners feel more confident caring for patients with mental health problems, and help our patients get the best care from us.

Taking a history about mental health problems

Part 1: History and approach by Dr Andrew Molodynski, consultant psychiatrist

Community care of mental health patients – what is the system?

Liaison psychiatry – risk assessment and capacity

Coming soon!

Managing acute behavioural disturbance in hospital – a multidisciplinary session

Coming soon!

Useful links and references

Mind is a brilliant resource for healthcare professionals and patients with mental health problems. It has guidance, support and links to services as well as patient information. is a great initiative by Oxford University and the Nuffield Department of Primary Care with videos of patients who have gone through various conditions from mental health to preeclampsia and can be useful for us to understand mental health conditions and also for our patients to hear the stories of others with similar issues and how they dealt with it.

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