The Anaesthetic Room

The Anaesthetic Room was set up by Dr Angeline Lee in March 2020 with the aim of providing an educational website for anaesthetics and intensive care.

What is this website for?

The website is aimed at providing free access to educational materials that might help healthcare professionals (doctors, nurses, advanced critical care practitioners, operating department technicians, anaesthetic nurses, perfusionists, emergency department practitioners, specialist nurses, pharmacists and many more) in their day to day work, or to keep up an interest in updates in the field of anaesthetics and intensive care. We would like this to be a no-strings attached website that you can peruse with no advertising or personal gains, and provide a safe space for people to discuss the evidence base or ask questions.

What is on the website?

  • Basic anaesthesia training for healthcare professionals working in anaesthetics for the first time.
  • Basic science teaching on physics, physiology, pharmacology, equipment and clinical anaesthesia for anaesthetic trainees preparing for the UK FRCA exam.
  • Advanced specialist teaching on specialist anaesthesia such as cardiac, neuro, regional anaesthesia mapped onto the final FRCA curriculum for the UK FRCA exam, or trainees interested in entering a career in these areas.
  • Basic intensive care training for healthcare professionals working on intensive care for the first time.
  • Advanced intensive care training for intensive care trainees preparing for the UK FFICM exam.
  • Cross specialty training by experts in other non-anaesthesia/ICM specialties who work closely with us, such as haematology and renal medicine.
  • Cross specialty training for Acute Care Common Stem trainees who do 3-4 years of medicine, intensive care, anaesthesia, and emergency medicine in preparation for a career in an acute care specialty such as any of the above and pre-hospital medicine.
  • Specialty specific guidelines or interesting journal articles to consider and keep up to date with the evolving evidence base. These may be in the form of summaries, diagrams, or links to the paper, with an evidence synthesis tool for specific types of studies.
  • Books, films, poetry and art that influence our practice and our view on medicine.
  • Links to other useful websites or educational resources.
  • A trainee library for Oxford Deanery trainees.
  • Tutor support for interested contributors, and how to set up and design your own teaching material to contribute to our site.

What format is all this presented in?

We are utilising a number of formats for educational material because people learn in many different ways. We have graphics, videos, text, links, quizzes, books, art, poetry, films and anything else you can think of.

Is the material on here trustworthy?

The material on the website is presented with referenced sources where available, or credited tutors who are specialists in their field. We will do our best to keep everything as updated and accurate as possible and will remove any material that is inaccurate the moment it is drawn to our attention. Read our full disclaimer here.

Who is involved in making the material?

The Anaesthetic Room group are a group of registrars based mainly in the Oxford deanery. Our talks are as consultant led as possible in the specific specialties we mention. We are always looking for collaborators and experts for our teaching material and we would love to hear from you if you would like to join the team. As the website evolves we will grow as a family and will have many more collaborators.

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