How to use Zoom for tutors and panellists

Zoom’s own videos are available for you here.

The Anaesthetic Room’s guide to Zoom for beginners:

Step 1: Joining a meeting
Step 2: Sharing your screen
Step 3: Interacting with participants

Step 1: Joining a meeting

You can join a meeting from a computer with a browser, or the Zoom app on your computer, tablet device or even your mobile phone.

You should have received an email from Zoom once we have confirmed that you are a panellist or tutor to join the meeting. (Let us know if not by emailing It should look like this:

Click the ‘Click here to join’ button, and one of two things will happen, depending if you have the Zoom app downloaded.

This screen appears if you do not have the Zoom app already downloaded. Click ‘Open’ and you can run the meeting from your browser (internet explorer/firefox/safari etc).

This screen appears if you do have the Zoom app already downloaded. Click ‘Allow’.

You have joined the meeting! This might show up on your screens. You can test your speaker and microphone or join with computer audio.

Your screen should now look like this:

Step 2: Sharing your screen

If this is what your screen looks like, click ‘Share Screen’.

It will now ask you which part of your screen you would like to share. Make sure your powerpoint slides or material are already open in the background.

As you can see, you can share your whole desktop, powerpoint screen, iPhone, browser, or whiteboard. Choose the one that your presentation will be on.

If you are using Powerpoint, clicking the powerpoint screen rather than ‘Desktop 1’ (like I have done in the photo below) will mean that the participants only see your slides and powerpoint, nothing else, so your email notifications pinging up during your presentation won’t be seen by anyone else other than you.

If you are sharing screen, this is what the screen will look like to you and the participants. The bar on top disappears unless you hover over it. If you click ‘More’, you’ll see some additional menu items as shown in this photo. That is how you can start a Chat, or end your meeting.

You are ready to present! You can change your powerpoint slides with a click of your mouse or touchpad or the ‘next’ arrow button on your laptop. A useful tip is that the participants can see your arrow cursor on the screen so you can move your mouse over your presentation to demonstrate what you mean by something.

Step 3: Interacting with participants

This is a really good Zoom article on how to change the layout of the screens if you are not sharing screens.

You can interact with participants by audio, video, or the chat function. Usually, one of us will facilitate the session and help with fielding questions at opportune times or checking through the chat function for any questions. It might be a good idea to allow a slide for questions every time you finish discussing a major topic so you can keep the session interactive.

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